The end of a fixed term contract maternity leave is a pivotal moment for any employee. It marks the end of a period of bonding with their newborn while also signaling the start of the next chapter in their career. Unfortunately, fixed term contract maternity leave is not always straightforward, and employees may feel uncertain about their rights and what to expect. In this article, we`ll discuss the end of fixed term contract maternity leave and what employees should know.

What is a Fixed Term Contract Maternity Leave?

Fixed term contract maternity leave is when an employee goes on maternity leave while on a fixed-term contract. A fixed-term contract is an employment agreement that has a specific end date, typically for a temporary position. Employees on fixed-term contracts have the same rights as permanent employees, including the right to maternity leave, although the benefits may differ depending on their length of service and contract.

The End of Fixed Term Contract Maternity Leave

As the end of fixed term contract maternity leave approaches, employees may feel uncertain about what comes next. One option is to return to work once their leave ends, but this may not always be feasible. If the employee`s contract is ending, they may need to negotiate a renewal or extension of their contract. Alternatively, they may need to find new employment altogether.

Returning to Work

Returning to work after maternity leave can be a challenging transition. Employees may worry about how they`ll manage childcare and their work responsibilities. Employers have a legal obligation to accommodate the employee`s needs and should work with the employee to create a flexible schedule that allows them to meet their work and childcare obligations. Employers can also provide support such as onsite or subsidized childcare, flexible working hours, and telecommuting.

Renewing or Extending the Contract

If the employee wishes to renew or extend their contract, they should start negotiating with their employer well in advance of the contract end date. Employees should be clear about their expectations for salary, hours, and other conditions. Employers may also want to renegotiate the terms, so it`s essential to be prepared to discuss the employee`s contributions and performance during their previous employment. Evidently, the renewal or extension of the contract will depend on the employer`s needs.

Finding New Employment

If the employee`s contract is ending, they may need to find new employment. This can be daunting, but it`s also an opportunity to explore new possibilities. Employees should update their resume and start networking with colleagues, professional contacts, and recruiters to find new opportunities. Online job portals, local newspapers, or job fairs can also be helpful resources.


Fixed term contract maternity leave can be an overwhelming time for employees. As the end of the leave approaches, employees should consider their options regarding returning to work, renewing or extending their contract, or finding new employment. Employers also have an obligation to support their employees during this time, including providing flexible work arrangements and supporting them throughout negotiations. With the right preparation and support, employees can successfully navigate the end of fixed term contract maternity leave and move forward with confidence.