Are you a landlord or a tenant in Michigan, and are in need of a rental agreement template? Look no further, as we have gathered the important things you need to know and include in your Michigan house rental agreement template.

First off, it’s important to understand that Michigan state law requires all landlords and tenants to follow certain rules and regulations when it comes to renting out a property. The rental agreement serves as a legal contract between the landlord and the tenant, outlining the terms of the lease and setting forth the expectations for both parties.

In Michigan, there are a few key things that should be included in your rental agreement template. These include:

1. Names of the Landlord and Tenant: This may seem obvious, but it’s important to include the full legal names of both parties in the rental agreement.

2. Property Address: The address of the rental property should also be included, including any specific unit or apartment number if applicable.

3. Rent and Security Deposit: The rental agreement should specify the amount of rent due each month, the due date for rent payment, and the amount of any security deposit required.

4. Utilities: It’s important to specify who is responsible for paying for utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and trash.

5. Lease Term: The rental agreement should specify the length of the lease, whether it’s a month-to-month or a fixed-term lease.

6. Termination: The rental agreement should outline the grounds for termination of the lease, including both landlord and tenant rights.

7. Maintenance and Repairs: It’s important to specify who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the rental property, including appliances and fixtures.

8. Pets: If pets are allowed, it’s important to specify any pet-related restrictions, such as breed or size limits, and any additional fees or deposits required.

9. Late Fees: Specify any late fees or penalties for late rent payments.

In addition to the above, it’s also a good idea to include language regarding subleasing, notice requirements, and any other specific terms that you wish to include in the rental agreement template.

In summary, creating a Michigan house rental agreement template that is thorough and comprehensive is important to ensure a smooth and successful landlord-tenant relationship. By including all of the above-mentioned items, you can help to protect your rights as a landlord while also setting clear expectations for your tenant.