When it comes to the characters of Snowball and Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, it appears as though they are constantly at odds with one another. The two pigs, who are vying for control over the farm, have differing opinions on how to govern and manage the animals. However, there is one point on which Snowball and Napoleon are in complete agreement – their desire for power.

Both Snowball and Napoleon crave power and leadership over the other animals on the farm. Although they go about achieving this goal in different ways, it is clear that their ultimate objective is the same – to become the dominant leader of the farm.

Snowball’s approach to gaining power is through persuasion and intelligence. He is passionate about the idea of animalism and wants to spread the word to other animals on the farm. Snowball believes that by gaining support from the other animals, he can take control from Napoleon and promote his vision of a utopian society.

On the other hand, Napoleon’s approach is much more authoritarian and forceful. He wants to dominate the other animals by using violence and fear. He forms a private security force, the ‘dogs’, to intimidate and suppress any dissenting voices on the farm. Napoleon believes that by silencing opposition, he can maintain his power and control over the other animals.

Despite their different methods, Snowball and Napoleon both desire the same thing – to be the ultimate leader. In the novel, their rivalry and struggle for power ultimately results in the downfall of the farm and the oppression of the animals.

In conclusion, although Snowball and Napoleon have vastly different ideas on how to govern and manage the farm, they are both driven by a desire for power and control. As a copyeditor experienced in SEO, it is essential to understand the main themes and concepts of a literary work such as Animal Farm. By highlighting the similarities and differences between characters, a writer can create engaging and informative content that resonates with readers.